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Ernie Urdal's role with the website includes events, advertising and promotions. He also has a knack for programming and designed the database and back-end of InfoTechVI.

Ernie has worked in the computer area for over 7 years in everything from government departments, mills, and universities to board offices, local computer shops, and home repairs. He holds many industry certifications, including MCSE, MCP+I, and A+. Ernie is currently involved in several local ventures and has an aptitude for business.

Bevin Stephenson takes care of the public relation, graphic design and technical writing aspects of She publishes the weekly newsletter and scours tons of sources for news releases, information and other tidbits that may be of interest to the Vancouver Island tech sector.

Bevin has been involved in Victoria's technology industry for over 7 years. She enjoys web design and works in database development and network administration. Bevin is also a recent graduate of the Application and Management of Information Technology program from the University of Victoria. She currently holds the CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator industry certifications.

Bevin has a passion for horses and in her spare (?!?!) time, rides 4 times a week. She is training for her first level dressage test and is interested in competing this year. She is also very involved with the Victoria Riding for the Disabled Association sitting on the board of directors, volunteering weekly and exercising horses.


Ernie Urdal
Ernie Urdal

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