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"Dig your well before you're thirsty."
Harvey Mackay - networking guru
Sure you've got a good thing going now. A nice open ended contract that pays the bills. But as training professionals, you and I both know that change happens. As Harvey Mackay, the worlds leading advocate of professional networking suggests above, make the investment now towards that time. I recommend you register with the Vancouver Island Trainers Network as early as possible to take advantage of the initial promotional efforts.

The Vancouver Island Trainers Network operates as a referral business. If you wish to be listed there is NO CHARGE. For each training contract that we bring to you, there is a 5% finders fee due immediately upon your client paying you. If it is an on-going contract, the fee would be due in keeping with your clients payment schedule. If your skill set is already listed we welcome you as an additional choice for our clients.

If a client is interested in your services as described on this site, they will contact us and we will contact you. Your contractual arrangements are then made between the client and yourself. There are no contractual arrangements between VITN and the trainer or the client. All financial arrangements between the trainer and VITN are based on trust.

Benefits To Member Trainers

Each trainer gets a FREE full page profile on VITN
No cost if no revenue
Benefit of extensive promotion of site both on and off-line
Members area helps you find resources like space and equipment
Competitive advantage through association
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