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Ernie Urdal
Ernie Urdal

Company listing for Software Development

ACDSee (Saanich, BC)
 The leader in image management and technical illustration software, providing the ACD Family of products, headed by ACDSee and Canvas.
Acquired Intelligence (Victoria)
 Software Development.
AKTIV Software (Victoria)
 Offering consulting and software engineering for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows computing platforms.
Applied Office Solutions (AOC) Consulting (Victoria)
 We know how to streamline your paperwork by eliminating the redundancy, increasing the efficiency of your workflows, resulting in the satisfaction of your staff successfully achieving their goals.
Avocette Technology (was TP Systems) (Victoria)
 Avocette Technoloyg formerly TP Systems has a long and rich legacy in designing, developing, supporting and maintaining software applications.
Baass Business Solutions (Victoria)
 Note: formerly Peak Business Solutions on Feb.1, 2015 specializes in financial accounting and business management solutions.
BellaCoola Software (Victoria)
 Introducing the industry most accurate all-in-one professional web tracking solution.
CD Media Works (Victoria)
 video, audio, and graphics materials for: websites, education, training materials, marketing purposes, prototypes, etc.
Clover Point Cartographics Ltd (Victoria)
CompAcct Solutions Ltd. (Nanaimo)
 CompAcct Solutions Ltd. is the author and distributor of two basic accounting software programs.
Comtech Advanced Software Technologies (Victoria)
 We analyze, design, build, implement and maintain database applications
Comtech Systems (Victoria)
 Comtech makes it easier for collection agencies and credit grantors to collect their receivables!
Concept Solutions Corporation (Victoria)
 We are able to provide practical solutions. (Nanaimo)
 D.R. systems inc provides proven solutions for forestry and other natural resource managers.
Derivative Design (Victoria)
 web development, graphic and logo design, E-Commerce solutions, digital photo shoots, photo manipulation, scanning, etc.
DMA Computer Services (Nanaimo)
 Our fully trained and certified technicians are highly qualified
Falcon Software (Victoria)
 Offers a complete range of web-based design, development and business application services including prototype development, site architecture planning, creative graphic designs and photo imagery, advanced programming capabilities, dynamic multimedia production as well as online marketing services.
Family Games (Victoria)
 formerly AHA Software has been creating non-violent games and desktop applications.
Fresche Solutions (Sidney, BC)
 was Excel Systems Software Development (Sidney, BC) sold to Fresche in 2015, provides IBM
Fujitsu (Victoria)
FunctionFox (Victoria)
 FunctionFox Systems Inc. is dedicated to providing simple, secure, web-based tools to help smaller companies improve productivity and profitability.
GX ( (Victoria)
 GX - Anthoney Macauley Associates. Software Developer
Half-Baked Software (Victoria)
 We do contract programming for clients
Helm Marine Operations (Victoria)
 formerly Edoc Systems Group. Today�s marine industry relies on a continuous flow of information between vessels and the shore.
IBM Canada
 'Software on-line catalogue'
Intec Automation (Steroidmicros) (Victoria)
 Embedded SBCs for Automation & Control
ITI International Technology Integration Inc.(Victoria)
 ITI provides our clients with leading edge technology, without losing sight of day-to-day client requirements.
James Evans & Associates (Victoria)
 JEA is a leading supplier of pension administration systems and services.
K. Anderson & Associates Ltd. (Victoria)
 Ken Anderson has been developing software since 1985, specializing in the use of Oracle tools and databases since 1991
Lunar Logic Solutions (Victoria)
 Our team of highly skilled certified professionals works with you through all phases of planning, designing, and implementation to create a complete web application
Madrigal Soft Tools (Victoria)
 Scheduling Software and Management Tools
Mainframe Associates (Nanaimo)
 We serve general retail, distribution and specialize in a number of vertical markets. Our menu provides market-specific details.
Merlinus Software Solutions (Campbell River
 Merlinus Software Solutions
Mighty Oaks (Victoria)
 IT Services, Custom Software Development, and Business Consulting.
Miranda Johnsen (Emjay Web Design) (Victoria)
 Miranda Johnson is trained in Graphic Design, Digital Media Technology and in the Visual Arts.
MYRA Systems Corp. (Victoria)
 At MYRA we specialize in Managed Services, Professional Services and Consultative Sales.
North Cove Technical Services
 develop software solutions
Number41Media (Victoria)
 Number 41 Media is a web firm that specializes in application development and cross-media corporate communications. We design and build everything clients require to deliver the information and services people need.
Oracle (Victoria)
 Sun Microsystem
Plexxis Software Canada Inc
 We’re a full-service technology development company
PowerSoft Development Corp. (Sooke, BC)
 we design our software to become an integral part of your business.
Realty Server Systems (Victoria)
 Designed by Real Estate Salespeople for Real Estate Salespeople
Refractions Research (Victoria)
 Our staff includes project managers, business analysts, systems architects, database analysts, and software developers.
Reliable Controls Corporation (Victoria)
 Manufacture simple, flexible, and economical BACnet compliant software and control products.
SnowPro (was Gasman) (Victoria)
 SnowPro is the perfect solution for your Professional Software Development
The Beach Club Resort (Parskville,BC)
 We have taken care of every detail so that you can relax and enjoy your Vancouver Island vacation
Unit4 Business Software (Victoria)
 Agresso is now a subsdiary of Netherlands-based Unit4 Agresso 'Provides reliable, customizable, comprehensive Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions for engineering firms and professional service organizations as well as an administrative/ERP solution for higher education institutions.'
Univerus Recreation (Book King) (Victoria)
 Book King is now Univerus Recreation
Vivid Solutions Inc.(Victoria)
 VIVID SOLUTIONS is a software development company
VSIP Consulting Inc (Victoria)
 All developed software solutions are unique, easy to maintain, and easy to use.
Wondermill Webworks (Victoria)
 We make software that's easy-to-use and doesn't assume you're a computer expert.
Zopyrus (was LS Chart) (Victoria)
 formerly LS chart & Medchart. Medical Billing and Office Management for BC

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