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Philip Yuson
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Business Name: Concept Solutions Corp
Regions: Willing to travel
Availability: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri
Tutoring: Yes Hourly rate: Negotiable
Group and classroom training: Yes Hourly rate: Negotiable

Skill Sets:

Management Concepts
- Data Centre Management Concepts
- IT Security Concepts
- Improving Office productivity using Open Source Technologies
- Auditing RACF using Microsoft Access

- Perl programming Concepts
- Developing websitest using Perl/CGI
- Accessing databases in Perl using DBI
- Object Oriented Programming in Perl
- Writing Perl Client/Server programs using IO::Socket
- Writing GUI programs using Perl/Tk
- Developing websites using Perl/HTML::Mason

- MySQL administration
- PostgreSQL administration
- Microsoft Access programming
- Relational Database concepts using MySQL
- Accessing databases using ODBC

- Apache administration
- Apache mod-perl concepts and programming
- Connecting Windows to Linux

Trainer Profile:

Philip has been working in IT for more than 20 years in three countries. He has experience in the technical and management aspects of information technology. He has extensive experience in designing, developing and conducting trainings for corporate clients. His
technical knowledge allows him to provide practical tips and techniques in the courses he conducts. He has been writing monthly articles on the Perl programming language as contributing editor for for the past three years.

Brainbench Certifications
. Perl Programming
. Apache 1.3 Admin
. JCL Programming